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Are over-the-counter tooth whitening products safe?

Trading Standards has recently responded to complaints about over-the-counter tooth bleeching kits. Some kits have been found to contain more hydrogen peroxide than is legally allowed. This is especially problematic in overnight kits, where 10-25% of the product can be swallowed during sleep.

In our view, tooth whitening isn't a harmless procedure anyone can do. It's best performed by your dentist using quality bleeching agents known to be safe, and under controlled conditions.

One in 4 post-menopausal women face tooth loss

A study of 1,000 post-menopausal women has found that one in four face tooth loss, despite having better overall oral health than men.

Smoking, diabetes, being overweight and/or having poor oral health all increase the odds of losing teeth after menopause.

Rise in interest in cosmetic dentistry

There has been a marked interest in cosmetic dental procedures over the last 20 years, spurred on in part by makeover shows that specialise in improving people's appearance.

It's important that cosmetic procedures take into account potential future implications for the individual considering them. SW Smiles is concerned not only with giving you a beautiful smile. We also seek to ensure your ongoing dental health, but now and in the future.

Alcopops contribute to tooth erosion

Modern diets are rich in foods that erode teeth, leading to demineralisation of tooth enamel and can result in greater sensitivity.

Alcopops are especially problematic because they combine alcohol, sugar, citric acid and carbonation (bubbles). As always, prevention is the best cure. Ask your dentist how you can slow-down and even reverse tooth erosion.

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