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At SW Smiles we offer a wide range of treatments including oral hygiene, preventative dentistry and white fillings. With these general dentistry services, our aim is to ensure patients keep their natural teeth throughout their life.

Your First Visit

On your first visit to the Battersea Dentist, we will take a comprehensive medical history and ask you what you would like us to do for you.

We assess the condition of your gums to ensure there is no disease and perform a mouth cancer check. We provide another preventative dentistry service. Digital radiographs of your mouth are taken to assess the condition of your teeth, and also look at the gums in more detail.

From this preliminary examination, we will establish a treatment plan. This general dentistry is thoroughly discussed with you. It's an important stage in making you feel comfortable with us, and we make sure there is ample time to answer your questions.

Oral Hygiene

This involves thorough cleaning of the gums and teeth using ultrasonic scalers and handscalers. In cases where there is heavy staining through smoking/red wine/tea & coffee, air abrasion is used- a highly effective stain remover. After scaling, the teeth are then polished with a prophylactic paste to leave a clean shiny surface on the teeth.

Hygiene Before
Hygiene After
Before Cleaning (heavily stained teeth)
After Extensive Cleaning

Regular oral hygiene maintains gum health (preventative dentistry) and therefore lengthens the lifespan of your teeth. It also helps to eliminate bad breath. An oral hygiene programme will be devised to maintain your mouth at optimal health, this will include number of visits needed per year, and hygiene products recommended.

For individuals concerned with bad breath (halitosis) - a specific treatment programme is devised.

Fillings – Low-mercury amalgum and white fillings

A wide range of filling materials are available.

White Fillings Before
White Fillings After
Amalgam Filling Before
Composite White Filling After

At the initial consultation appointment we recommend the most appropriate type of filling material for your mouth.

Cosmetic white fillings are available which are carefully blended with the colour of your teeth so that the teeth look filling-free. We use different materials for the front and back teeth with our white fillings. As a result, you get excellent aesthetics combined with ultimate strength to ensure longevity of your restorations.

We also offer amalgam fillings (i.e. silver fillings), and use an ultra low-mercury amalgam. This type of filling is very strong.

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